I Don’t Know About That, But I Think Wine is Good

I hope the New Year is going well, and for those who have yet to celebrate the new year, that you have enjoyed the last few days. We have a saying in our house when it comes to dealing with misinformation or outrageous statements made by others: I Don’t Know About That, But I Think […]

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Is Facebook Dead? If so, When?

I know this is one of those topics, but you know, social media plays on a lot of people’s minds. Many of my blogger colleagues and friends are making more and more comment. Every now and then there is a post that makes you think beyond the immediate and what will be the future for […]

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Do You Think Before You Speak?

You may, or may not be familiar with the acronym THINK. Either way, it is worth revisiting on a regular basis! Lee Colan comments that before you speak or send that email (and I would add “or make a somewhat suspect comment on social media or other connecting platform”): THINK… T – is it True?H […]

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