On the farm, running a Local Government, then some downtime…

After 12 hour days this week, it was time to head to Jurien Bay and spend the next four days with the family. First though, some snaps through the week, this morning on the farm, where I am staying at the moment, and then at Jurien…

A glorious, but freezing morning at the start of the week. Venus in all her splendour
Another shot at daybreak
From the porch looking south east – Gilligan’s Island anyone? You might be able to just make out the launch.
A view through the executive area to my office at the moment…
My neighbour – Milo. He’s very friendly. He expects me to feed him 😂 Actually, he likes to watch Netflix with me of an evening…
The Moon last night. Not sure why the flash went off on the iPhone 🤷‍♂️
Inside the farm cottage. It was a bit chilly again this morning. The old Metters Wood Stove No. 2 warms things up in no time 😊
The main living area…
The bedroom. The bed is unbelievably comfortable
A morning stroll – the farm house. The canola is starting to bloom in the distance
Looking back down the hill…
I ducked through New Norcia – our Benedictine Community. One of the towns I have responsibility for but didn’t have time to stop at today. Photo courtesy www.newnorcia.wa.edu.au
A pit stop at Gillingarra to catch-up with some caravaners on the old oval. Gillingarra is a village and locality that I also have responsibility for at the moment.
The Badgingarra Roadhouse undergoing a major refurbishment. The Badgie Roadhouse is the scene of some notorious food incidents in the past re my friends and I 😱
The peacocks trying to make sense of it all
205kms later – made it to Jurien on the Turquoise Coast
The front door of the unit we are staying in…
The living area…
The Kitchen/Dining area
Back door, through to the pool…

So, it’s an extra long weekend for me. I hope you get to enjoy some downtime too..

23 Comments on “On the farm, running a Local Government, then some downtime…”

  1. Sean – those 12 hour days are rough. Thank goodness you are all on a mini vacation. I was so fascinated by the Metter stove that I had to do a little research, Looks like these babies were priced at around 10 pounds or $12.00 US circa 1890. It is a veritable battle axe of a stove.

    Enjoy the family time!

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    • Awesome research, Rita. This model in good condition fetches up to $2,000 second hand. The one in the picture keeping my toes warm at night was manufactured not far from where I was born and raised. Yes, they were, or are, highly effective 😊

      Going well so far. We went back to the Pinnacles yesterday. It was the perfect day as well – plenty of skydiving happening. The boys have jokingly said they will give it a go.


  2. Beautiful pictures. Wish you a great holiday. I am hearing all these fireworks outside but I am too lazy to go out to watch. Probably will go tomorrow. However my cell phone camera is not so good as to be able to have a picture of any fireworks. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your well wishes. It’s taken me a little while to catch up with everyone here. Busy, busy, busy. I don’t take good pictures of fireworks either 😂


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