Here is to wishing you all, a very Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

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The great thing about Christmas is how it is celebrated in so many different ways around the globe. Even amongst families, there are a whole range of different traditions. For us, Christmas is at a very hot time of the year. No snow. Just plenty of sun, time at the beach, waiting for the sea breeze (The Fremantle Doctor as it is affectionately known as) and kicking back.

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To those who do not celebrate Christmas, or who do observe another celebration, may you enjoy a time of peace, reflection and relaxation 🀢

We have both Christmas lunch and dinner at our place this year. I am not sure how it has ended up this way, but the great thing is, we don’t have to go anywhere! Now, I know where I am we are extremely fortunate, because we have been out and about for months now. So, it has been business as usual, which means we are looking forward to staying at home, not battling the traffic and even having a snooze or two πŸŽ…

We are very close to finished with our preparations. We have been pulling our Christmas together for nearly eight weeks now.

We enjoy giving gifts to others, that’s what we do. We have also managed to catch up with a whole range of friends. The other night over dinner, I pulled out the guitar and worked may way through a whole range of Christmas songs.

It was a really nice thing to do 😊

What caps off my Christmas, and because we are great Doctor Who nuts, is the Doctor Who Christmas Special. There wasn’t one last year, so hopefully this year’s well and truly makes up for it all πŸŽ„

Finally, thank you to my many, many blogger friends and colleagues out there. I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ€Ά


    • Thank you for your season’s greetings, Rita. May you and your family get the time you deserve to be together and enjoy some respite from what you are going through. All aboard to 2021 πŸš‚πŸŽ…πŸ€Ά

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      • I am very grateful for you Sean. Thanks for all the film 🎭 recommendations and for your positive, warm and wise communications. It really has been a rough and dark year over here and you were a very, very bright spot πŸŽ‡ in 2020. Australian is blessed to have you! I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to be able to communicate with you. Peace out and here comes a better year!

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      • Thank you for your very kind words, Rita. I really hope that things do get better for you and those around you. Yes, it is going to be a much better year πŸ₯³


    • Hello Tiege, thank you for your Christmas wishes. After I made my post I discovered that the Dr Who Special has been changed to New Year’s Day! So, we will be penciling that in rather early I think (despite the celebrations tonight) 🀣

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    • Thanks, Ceri. It was a great Christmas – despite it being the hottest on record here. However, I cranked up the pizza oven outside early on Christmas morning – 6am and went on to cook ham and cheese croissants for breakfast, and then two chickens, a rolled Turkey breast, and a beef cut along with vegetables that served us for lunch and dinner!

      Christmas at the beach is very nice. You can either picnic or BBQ. Of course you can cool off in the water non-stop. When I was a kid my grandparents had a place on the beach, which also had access to an estuary. So we would go fishing, crabbing, and prawning at Christmas. Of course back then, no shops were open or other distractions – you just enjoyed the water, reading books and kicking back.

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